THE FACE SHOP Mango Seed Moisturizing Butter 50ml

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"A highly nourishing facial butter which creates ‘Double moisturizing film’ formulated with Mango Seed Butter and Shea Butter Ceramide to keep the skin healthy and moisturized"

A facial butter which creates a coating film-like moisture protection barrier on the skin to keep it healthy and fully moisturized

‘Butter Gel Network’: A mesh-like network that captures Mango Seed Butter, Ceramide, and other moisturizing factors to deliver them efficiently to the skin

Contains sufficient amount of Mango Seed Butter to create naturally derived moisturizing film on the skin

Main Ingredient content: Mango Seed Butter (50ppm), Mango Seed Butter (80,000ppm), Mango Seed Oil (1,000ppm)

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