In the Beginning...

Living in Indonesia, Dubai and Singapore, for over 10 years, every person Jay met always asked him about Korean culture. More often than not, questions typically focuses on Korean food and entertainment. Despite leaving Korea for so long, it felt like Korea has never really left him....

Korean Culture Ambassador

It was difficult to fully describe Korea without the right tools. Soon Jay started to bring back Korean souvenirs of all kinds to his friends. Friends of friends of friends and many more expressed enthusiastic interest in getting the same too, but Jay could only do bring so much from each trip. 

Where it all really began

During one of his business trips to Korea, Jay met his childhood friend Kim and told him all about his dilemma. Kim volunteered to help send packages by post so that none would feel left out. Six months later, they were sending out so many packages monthly! Jay and Kim decided that it was time that our friends from all over the world should be able to enjoy Korean goodies including snacks, beauty, kpop, lifestyle and even travel products.

Seoul Bytes

In late 2019, they started Seoul Bytes – available on its own website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel. 


To deliver accurate and positive information about Korea through its multi-platform and bringing experiences to each Seoul Byter’s home.


Each product is carefully curated and an earnest hope to express the quality of Korean goodies.

Into the Future

Everything is a learning step for us, but we promise to stick to our mission and vision by working hard to deliver the best service for our lovely Seoul Byters! We want you think of us as your distant cousin, so if you're not happy with our service or have any kind of feedback, feel free to let us know. Our goal is to improve - and to make you happy, One Byte at a Time!

Jay Yoon, H.J Kim and the Seoul Bytes Team

Note: We're always looking for talented people to join our team in Korea. If you're interested in becoming part of the Seoul Bytes Team, feel free to send us a cover letter and resume (CV) at