The joy Drinks Typical island of Jeju

  • 1. Bokbunja ju 

    Bokbunja ju is a wine made from fermented Korean original blackberries with water. Produced in Gochang County, Jeollabuk- do, in Damyang, Jeollanam- do and on Jeju Island , South Korea. Beverage is colored red blood. Contains alcohol content of about 15% -19%, depending on the brand. Besides taste the sweet , the wine is suitable to drink cover and veryefficacious for improving the fertility of men.

    2. Soju 

    Soju is the drink alcoholic most popular in among the people of Korea. The main ingredient of soju is rice. Apart from rice , the ingredients can be replaced with potatoes , wheat and sweet potatoes. Beverage is not colored / transparent. Each bottle of soju contains a different alcohol content , ranging from 20% to 45% alcohol by volume (ABV). Soju most lots sold is soju with20% ABV. Two of the most well-known brands on the Korean market are Chamisul ( 참이슬 ) and Chum Churum ( 처음 처럼 ).

    3. Omija Tea 

    Omija means "five berry flavors". If you drink tea this , you can feel the five flavors of fruit berry that differ namely sweet , sour , salty , bitter and spicy. The tea is usually served time summer heat tablets chingudeul because tea is able to restore power and release thirst. In Korea , berries can usually be consumed as tea. Can also be mixed with honey , petals of flowers , powdered pea green and the other which can create a sense of teas are different and are called by hwachae ( 화채 ).

    Omija is also used for flavoring makgeolli . Tea Omija very good for curing the disease coughs and colds and diseases of respiratory . Besides that , Omija tea is also good for our liver health . You can try the tea is in Ganghwadang ( 강화 당 ), a store teas are aged more than 50 years and serves a wide range of choice of tea traditional Korea.

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