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  1. You can visit various attractions especially selected by Seoul City in the period of 24 / 48 / 72 hours.
  2. Free admission up to 44 major attractions in Seoul including Lotte World, Hangang Cruise!
  3. Smartphone application service showing remaining time on the pass
  4. You can use the card as a transportation card(T-money), which allows easy access to buses and subways in Seoul.
  5. Free or Discount! Choose from 105 attractions and visit!
  6. ONLY way to receive up to 40% discount for Traditional Experience!
  7. From January 2020, customers will be picking up the 'Discover Seoul Pass Plus Edition' based on first come first served. Limited number of only 6,000 cards being available, so grab it now before it's too late!
  8. Myeongdong information center will be operating shortened (From 10:30 AM to 17:30 PM) until receive an additional notice.

T-money enabled Discover Seoul Pass Card offers free admission to 44 locations and additional discounts in a limited time. Special benefits only for foreign visitors. Enjoy your trip to Seoul with just one pass!

Discover Seoul Pass is a tour pass card, allowing foreign visitors to enter attractions without waiting in lines, for the limited time. Even after the time is up, you can still get up to 50% off at concerts, duty-free shops. Moreover, T-money, transportation card function is added on the card, you can use buses, subways, taxi, etc without buying a separate transportation card.

Various benefits

  1. Free admission to 42 major attractions in Seoul!
  1. Discount coupon features
  • 10 ~ 50% off at 35 tourist sites regardless of card limit time.
  • 10 ~ 43% off for Traditional Experience, DIY Experience and other experiencing destinations!
  • Immediate discounts for showing the card at the ticket booths or windows.
  1. Smartphone application service providing remaining time on the pass!
  • Available in Korean / Chinese / Japanese / English
  • Provides attraction information and locations and nearby attractions’ information based on the pass holder’s location. 
  1. Transportation
  • Can use it as a transportation card, T-Money, after top-up.
  • Airport Railroad Express Train (AREX) direct train service one-way ticket is given. (Regardless of the time limit in the card)
  • Seoul City public bicycle “Ttareungi” service is offered only for one day. (Regardless of the time limit in the card / available until midnight on the day of use) 


  1. Real-time chatting service on the website

- You can contact native speaking representatives at the concierge desk during business hours (Weekdays 09:00 ~ 18:00) 

Free admission attractions

  • History of Seoul :Gyeongbokgung  Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, Jongmyo (Royal  Shrine),  Seodaemun  Prison  History  Hall 
  • Culture and Exhibition :Leeum  Samsung  Museum  of  Art, National  Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul  Museum  Kimchikan  (Pulmuone), Simone  Handbag  Museum, Coreana Cosmetics Museum, L'atelier, Statice Museum, Museum of Korea Straw and Plants Handicraft
  • Enjoying Seoul : N Seoul Tower Observatory, MBC World, Trick Eye Museum, Figure Museum W, Alive Museum. SM TOWN Theatre(hologram Concert), Seoul City Tour Bus(DDP), Hanboknam, Lotte World, Eland Cruise (Story, Music, Moonlight)
  • Amusement and Leisure : Football  Faentasium, Sealala  Water  Park, Seoul Zoo Sky Lift
  • Facilities in Seoul : Seoul City Tour Bus (Gwanghwamun), Airport  Railroad  Express  Train (AREX), Seoul-Bike (Ttareungi)
  • Korean Wave Contents :MBC World , SMTOWN@coexartium, SM Museum, Running Man Activity
  • Photo-taking Spots : Trick Eye Museum , Figure Museum W, Hanboknam, COEX Aquarium, Seoul Animation Center
  • Service :SK Telecom Data U-Sim(1day usage), Traveler's Insurance for Foreigners, Seoul Tourist Safe Care
  • Check out the Attractions with Free Admissionfor more details.

Discount attractions

  • Performances  :Fantastic Musical, Jump, Musical Chef, National  Gugak  Center, The  Painters  HERO, Nanta, Jungdong Theater, Fireman, Pangshow, Kung Festival, Sun and Moon
  • Amusement and Leisure :Dynamic Maze, Kum  Bak  Yeon  -  Gold  Leaf  Imprinting  Workshop  &  Studio, Seoul Land, Real K-pop Dance, I love Hansik, King Studio, 1:1 Language Exchange Experience, DIY Self Art Experience, KPOP & Percussion Instrument Experience, KPOP Experience, Perfume Making Experience, Drawing Dancheon Experience, Making Animal Dolls, Learning Fan Dance or Janggu, Making Makgolli, Ourdoor Ink Sketch, Yangjae-dong Traditional Flower Experience, Golden Blue Marina Yacht/Boat Tour, We-ride Bicycle City Tour, Euljiro Alley Tour, Self Art Experience, Making Chicken Beer Candle, Taekwondo Experience, Taekyun Experience, Tea Party / Cake Making, Making Red Bean Glutinous Rice Cake, Personal Color Curation, Han River Water Leisure, Drawing Korean Traditional Caricature, Korean Traditional Tea Ceremony Experience, Hanguel Lesson, Making Hangeul Necklace, Making Hansik Dessert, Red Ginseng Beauty Experience
  • Facility where you can see the view of Seoul :Lotte Tower Observatory
  • Photo-taking Spots :Poopoo  Land,  Hello  Kitty  Island  in  N  Seoul  Tower 
  • Shopping :Doota  Duty  Free, SM Duty Free, Donhwa Duty Free,  Lotte Duty Free, Yongsan Shilla i-park Duty Free, Sinsegye Duty Free(Myeongdong), Shilla Duty Free, Hyundai Duty Free
  • Health and Beauty : Gangnam Arumdaunnara Dermatology, Chung-Ang University International Medical Center, Ohui Spa Nonhyeon, Seasons Table
  • Sight-seeing Service :SAFEX, Wifidosirak, U-sim Store
  • Check out the Special Discount Benefitsfor more details.


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